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We are a small company operating out of the DFW Metroplex. Our intention is to assist everyone of our clients in maximizing their return rate on their taxes and assisting them in any way we possibly can. We offer a mobile service that is unique in our field but provides the benefit and commodity to the client by completing their taxes at anytime of their choice. Call us today and schedule an appointment and see just how well we can benefit your tax return.
Basic and Complex Tax Return.

Services Offered:
~100% Accuracy and Maximize Tax Refund
~Maximize deductions for self-employment (Schedule C)
~Offer Audit Support
~FREE Consultation: Free information and Tax Advice
~Free Copies – At any time after using our tax return service, you can get copies of your paid tax return free.

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Tiffany Hughes, CEO

Ph: 214-529-3425


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