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Company Tagline, Business Details, Address & Phone Number, Map & Directions.

Standard Listing

$2.99 / month

Several features for less than the price of a cup of coffee.


Company Logo
Graphic displaying your company logo that appears as your listing’s main image.

Website Link
Let visitors find your website easily with a clickable website link

Visitors can save your business listing under their favorites list

Map & Directions
Guide people to your business with easy-to-follow directions

Enterprise Listing

$18.99 / month

The complete package that gives your business maximum exposure!


Sticky Listing
Appear first in searches

Even More Photos!
Add up to ten photos in your listing

Embedded video to capture attention!

Video Feature
We record, feature, and publish a commercial-style video through our content delivery network!

Minimize Competition
Reduce size of other listings in same category

Exclusive Access
Gain access to our private network of business owners where you will receive an exclusive-level perspective from trail-blazing entrepreneurs.


I’ve listed my business now.  What’s next?

Help Us Spread The Word!

The success of our website and your business listing on it depends on word of mouth so please help us get the word out.

  • Tell Your Friends
    Word of mouth is the best promotion so tell your friends, family, and associates!
  • Social Media
    Share Greenwood Ave on all your social media accounts.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+… Many ways to connect with Greenwood Ave and share the good news with your social media network!
  • In-Store Displays
    Nothing captures the attention of a well-designed promotion.  Help promote Greenwood Ave by displaying our posters/banner ads inside your place of business.  Several sizes available to choose from.  Contact us for details!

Search & Support other local businesses

Circulate your Black dollar by supporting other Black-Owned businesses.  Tell other Black Business Owners about the importance of Group Economics and how Greenwood Ave is helping to promote and support Black Businesses.

help your business stand out

Your business listing will remain active on Greenwood Ave free of charge.  Upgrade to our more powerful plans to give your business the attention that it deserves!  See our Plans page for details.


Listing Integrity

To ensure the best user experience for our website visitors and your potential customers we adhere to a set of criteria when approving business listings.  These criteria may include but are not limited to: Is the business a MLM or Networking Marketing, Is it atleast 50% black-owned, etc.

Follow Up

From time to time we may call and/or visit your place of business to ensure your Black business is active and our business listing stays accurate

Any other questions we can answer?

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