Much attention and focus has been given to social equality for the past 60 years in our country. Although social justice is very important, it is not as crucial to leveling the playing field for Black people in America as economic justice.

Greenwood Ave was born out of a necessity to empower the Black community by strengthening our economic base. Inspired by the Black Wallstreets in America (not just in Greenwood, Tulsa, OK but in various cities across the country), this platform encourages the practice of group economics which simply means circulating our Black dollar within our Black community.

The Greenwood Ave Approach

Relationships over Revenue

Building and fostering relationships with our Black Business Owners is our primary focus. As a consequence, these relationships help create the best possible user experience for our website visitors (and potential customers which fuel the Black economic power-base).

Business listings you can trust

Have you ever tried supporting a Black-Owned business and discovered that the business is not Black-Owned at all?  Maybe you wanted to support a Black-Owned business only to find out that the business is no longer operating.  To save you from the frustration caused by these and other problems, we thoroughly verify ownership of businesses and perform routine check-ups to ensure the Black-owned businesses we list are fully operational.  Using this key strategy allows us to keep our listings clean, reliable, and accurate.  How’s that for integrity?

Social Responsibility: Commitment

All Black Businesses we list commit to re-investing a portion of their profits back into the Black community.  As consumers play an important role in circulating dollars within the Black community, the role of the Black Business re-circulating that money within the Black community is just as important.

Ease Of Use

Searching for Black-Owned businesses on Greenwood Ave is easier than ever.  With a simple click of a button, you can easily find whatever you’re looking for.  That’s not all.  With the new profile feature, you are able to review and rate businesses, add businesses to your list of personal favorites, and so much more!

Business Solutions

Every Black-Owned business has a unique set of needs that often go overlooked with a one-solution-fits-all approach.  We deliver services that are custom driven that fits any budget to help take your business to the next level.