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If you remember not too long ago, the site was trending for all the wrong reasons when #AirbnbWhileBlack caught on after renter, Stefan Grant, a musician and entrepreneur, had the cops called on him by neighbors in an Atlanta neighborhood because they assumed he had broken into the property he was renting.

“My first thought was to deescalate the situation because they had their guns drawn,” said Grant, recognizing that the situation could have gone incredibly bad and quickly.

Thankfully, Grant was able to explain the situation and convince the officers that he was supposed to be there; but not before he put the incident on Snapchat and Twitter, sparking the viral hashtag.

Realizing that his experience was one of thousands that had been felt by other black people using Airbnb, Grant knew he had to do more than tweet. So, he along with his two friends Ronnia Cherry, founder of WAKEUPSTAR LLC, an arts studio and collective, and Jide Ehimika, a technology entrepreneur and business strategist, launched Noirbnb, a home sharing site that targets black homeowners and renters specifically. (If you would like to support NoirBnB head over to their fundable page.)

“The new sharing economy is lifting white people out of poverty and increasing the white middle class; but once again racism is thwarting our ability as black people to grow wealth,” Cherry said. “Gentrification is driving us out of our homes and neighborhoods. Noirbnb can help black families and communities increase their wealth by opening up another source of income.”Editorial: Noirbnb Proves Racism Can\'t Stop the Next Black Renaissance

This week Airbnb sought to rectify one of their biggest issues—racial discrimination. The home rental site launched a new design and setup new regulations this week in the hopes to end the discrimination by hosts who have long overlooked or aggressively declined black people when choosing their renters. If […]

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