ATLANTA — More Than 8,000 people have opened up new accounts at Citizens Trust Bank, according to officials at the black-owned bank in Atlanta.

There has been renewed enthusiasm and impassioned pleas by civic and civil rights leaders for black Americans to invest in black-owned businesses and black financial institutions in light of the latest police killings of black men last week in Baton Rouge, La., and suburban Minneapolis. And it looks like the masses are finally listening.

The logic is that blacks will continue to be the victims of brutality, either by police or by the system, unless African Americans develop a power base that is respected. One way to do that is to develop strong cultural unity that enables blacks to maximize their dollar and collective wealth through investing in black-owned banks.

Citizens Trust Bank in Georgia and Alabama have shown exponential growth over the last few days because of a new level of consciousness enveloping the community. Take a look at this line of prospective customers looking to open up an account with the Citizens Trust.

citizens-trust-bank Full story at the Atlanta Daily World

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