After a busy week of building and networking with our brothers and sisters at the Power Networking Conference, I set out to travel to Greenwood, Tulsa, OK for the 20th Annual Black Wall Street Memorial March.  Being my first time in Tulsa, OK, I didn’t know what to expect but I was looking forward to experiencing the birthplace of such an important part of African history.

Let me say this.

I know photos and videos cannot begin to explain the overwhelming feelings I felt as the ancestral Afrikan spirits moved through me and every one in attendance.  I just hope these sights and sounds will inspire you to not only honor the struggle and sacrifices laid down before us, but I also hope you will be encouraged to witness and become a part of this amazing experience next year. #blackpower

Special thanks to:

  • The Acts of Change, Inc., Institute of Cultural Arts  – Link
  • The Greenwood Cultural Center – Link
  • Church of The Restoration Unitarian Universalist – Link
  • Black Wall Street March – Link
  • Sunni Patterson – Link

For More information: (918) 402-2405 – General Information and on Facebook – blackwallstreetmarch

Peace and Love yall.


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